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  We have been America's Premier Wholesale Source for Yo Yo Balloons since 2001. Order Today & Start Making Big Profit With This Great Item!

A Yo Yo Balloon is a specially made double-thickness latex balloon which is filled with water and air. The balloon is sealed with a clip and it has an elastic "string" attached with a loop on the end for your finger. The toy works on the same premise as any standard yo-yo. They come in assorted colors, packed in 500 unit bags. Each bag contains 500 balloons, 500 strings, 500 clips, clip-it fixture, template, & instructions.

Yo Yo Balloons


Unit Selling Price



500 Units

Shipping Cost

FREE With $250 Order


Bags Cost Per Bag Profit Per Bag Profit


$95 $400 5 x +

Additional Bags: $75 each
Bag: $500-$1000 Revenue
         500 Balloons, 500 Strings, 500 Clips, Clip-It Fixture, Template, Instructions

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Starter Package: $109.00

  500 Balloons, Strings, & Clips
  Clip-It Fixture
Piston Pump
  Display Box
  Inflation Template

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